Get to Know Courtney

When I say numbers are my jam, I do mean numbers are my jam! I will gladly embrace the term “nerd” and happily continue with making my spreadsheets, building income statements, and pouring over financial records. In high school, I was the one who enjoyed my math homework and even competed to see who could memorize the most digits of pi (I can still remember 23 digits by the way). It’s no wonder I decided to follow my passion for numbers to become a bookkeeping professional.

Over the years, I have trained on and researched so many different softwares and tools designed for the online service industry and brick and mortar boutiques. Not only that, but I also have a team of thousands of bookkeepers and tax professionals at my back who I can ask for help if we find ourselves needing a little extra guidance. I am confident we can find the solutions for your business’ needs.

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